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Highly professional

I am a REPs registered professional personal trainer and have been working as a personal trainer in Israel, Canada and the UK since 2001. I’ve been involved in sports prior to this when I was a teenager in Argentina.

My aim is to make sure my clients are comfortable during the sessions and enjoy fitness as much as I do.


My workout plans are individually created according to each person’s goal and focus on proper and effective techniques.

Advanced Personal Trainer Diploma

I have studied in Israel at the Wingate and America-Israel fitness institutes and have completed a one year personal trainer diploma, as well as an additional year for specialisations in different areas such as-

Body building

Corrective exercise

Functional exercise

Core stability

Advanced nutrition for weight management

Master kettlebell instructor training

Special workouts plans for various health conditions including injuries and weight issues.


I have also completed an advanced Personal Trainer diploma at the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in the UK.

About Maria

With vast personal training experience starting from 2001, specialising with Core and Functional training, be sure to reach your goal and more!

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Maria Ajitecter, advanced personal trainer making sure you reach your fitness goals. For a professional instructor talk to the expert at Maria Fitness in North West London